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17 Marketing Ideas During & After COVID-19

17 Marketing Ideas During & After COVID-19 marketing ideas during and after covid-19

Those businesses that doubted they needed to be online, now realizing the importance of online presence. Here are 17 Marketing Ideas that can help your business grow during and after COVID-19.

88% of people start their search online before buying a product or service, so depending on what product or service you have, this can be a huge game-changer for you. This percentage was before the virus. So this percentage is going to be 90+%, as a lot more people were forced to search online and they got comfortable searching online.

95% of purchasing is emotional. So if you understand how high the numbers are – you will realize how critical it is now to have an online presence and what is even more important – to understand the needs of your customers.

So if you find the solution for your customers, you are wining.

People will be even more comfortable searching online than ever. 

Those who position well online right now, are still getting clicks and new costumers. But at the same time, don’t think it is too late. No, it is not too late.

Some companies might be canceling marketing right now, so their ranking will go down a bit, so take advantage of it.

Build at least a simple website, landing page, start at least with one social media campaign.

People have time for screen time

Screen time is way up, social media time is up, search time is up! The volume of visitors on Facebook is up right now, but the cost of ad campaigns is down. So if that’s your audience, start working on it. If you decide to go with paid version and create AdCampaign, read this article – 8 Huge Dangers of Shutting Down Your AdWords Account

Know that this is going to pass. We will recover!

The question is where your business is going to be when everything opens up. A lot of our companies made a smart decision to continue with marketing so that their rank doesn’t fall down. So if you can, even if it is every other week for right now, but continue. Don’t just stop, otherwise, it will be that much harder to pull you back up.

It is a Competitive space – if you don’t move forward or stop, you will be falling behind.

Start budgeting 5-7% for marketing – it is the bare minimum! Ideally, eventually, it should be 15%. Once you realize how many more clients you can generate, you will realize the power of online and it will be NOT the expense, it will be the best investment into the growth of your company.

Marketing is your growth driver!

This is actually an advantage right now, so ramp up your marketing. So maybe reduce in other areas.

SEO is a long time game

Re-group right now. Focus: where you are going to land once it picks ups

Things to do NOW! 17 Marketing Ideas During & After COVID-19
If you are not online – first thing – get online.

  1. Review galleries, photos. Adjust images, take out outdated images, pay close attention to images – shaking hands, sitting close together, people hugging. You might want to adjust; otherwise, your business might come across as non-sensitive to what’s going on.
  2. Check and update the speed of your site.
    Search engines are focusing on fast performing sites, so possibly upgrade your plan, invest in a better server. Reduce image size.
  3. AMP pages. Relates to speed and the fact that mobile searches are primary right now – create AMP version. (accelerated mobile pages).
    Reduces the size of page downloads.
  4. Video – create videos that you can use later. We’ve talked about the importance of the video and how the highest converting pages have videos, so implement it. 
    Appear in Youtube, optimize videos, imbed videos into blogs, insert meta descriptions.
  5. Blogs – write some posts I’ve been meaning to get to that have evergreen advice,
  6. Schema – experiment with different rich snippets

    Review snippet
    Video snippet
    Featured article snippet
    Service snippet
    Recipe snippet
    Book snippet
    Local Business snippet
    It gives you a really nice layout, make your site stand out, your business takes more real estate on the page.
  7. Position 0

    Now that you may have a bit of time to dig deeper, you can get position zero for videos, paragraph snippets, and more. Position 0 – is a featured snippet with an image or video above the fold.
  8. Chat option – 15% increase in leads. Install “Chat” into your site.
  9. Add Reviews – people have time right now, reach out for a review.
    1 review can increase conversion by 365%. Home page, about page, contact page – add them throughout the site. Respond to your reviews. Learn how to properly respond to negative reviews and it is OK to have them.
  10. Update layout – especially if you have not done it in 10 years. Keep it simple, eye catchy, professional.
  11. Engage influencers. If you have considered it before, but never got to it, this is the time to do it.
  12. Take out all unnatural links, and add external, internal, backlinks.
  13. Update Your Google My Business Profile for Local Customers, make sure current hours.
  14. Add call to action – make sure you have a converting site, not just an educational site or landing page.
  15. Add new services or offer more online products and services
    Now is the time to think:
    What can you do differently
    What you can offer remotely,
    How your business can offer more services online
  16. Create follow up campaigns
  17. Do a long overdue SEO clean up. If you want to be found online, implement SEO (search engine optimization).

Get Behind Digital in a Big Way

Get your storefront online so that people can follow you online.

Digital marketing is more important than ever.

Realize the magnitude of online

You can possibly now offer services nationwide or worldwide. This is your time to do all those things you said you would do one day. One day is here now, and we actually don’t have too many days left. So hurry up and start acting now.

Take advantage of this time!

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. How are you going to operate in this environment?
  2. Can your business function in this environment? If not, make that shift now!
  3. What and how can you offer services or products online?
  4. How can I reach people better through digital?

This will happen again – there will be stressful situations in your business again. Look at a bigger picture. Prep your business for future now.

So get your business online more.

Be strategic. The demand is coming, so remember the question is where you are going to be once this is all over.

This is about shifting right now, not paralyzing your business.

Marketing helps you share the message and now is the time to take those actions, so more people get to know you.

You’ve worked too hard. Don’t miss the boat right now!

We are all in this together and we are trying to help each other. So let’s try to figure out. All our staff is still working remotely. Send us your questions. We will make sure all your questions get answered. We are offering free strategy sessions for those businesses who need some direction and trying to figure out how to pivot the business right now.

If you would like all the steps that I’ve talked about today with more details, please, let me know, and I will be happy to share the link. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer.

Contact us with any questions. We will be happy to help!

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