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Top SEO Experts

Top SEO Experts
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Our clients appreciate the honest and pragmatic approach we take in improving their search engine rankings. This is because we demonstrate an immediate return on their marketing service investment through: enhanced business visibility, additional customer demand, increased sales revenue

So, how can you benefit from an SEO/Marketing expert? To answer that, we need to address several myths about SEO:
Myth 1: SEO/Marketing services are only used by large scale companies with massive web sites. 

Truth: Any company, even sole proprietors, can benefit from our expertise and affordable services.

Myth 2: Search engines are all rigged to favor high cost advertisers.
Truth: Only a small portion of search engine results are ‘for sale’, the remaining organic results are completely open to anyone with the proper content and structure in place. This is especially true of local search results—where a business appears based on their physical address.
Myth 3: Once your site is optimized, you can sit back and enjoy perpetual rankings on the first page of Google.

Truth: That would be nice, but search results and the algorithms that control them are a moving target with frequent changes. An SEO expert can keep your site current and well listed, but what worked yesterday can actually work against you tomorrow. The initial state of keywords, links to and from your site, even load times and images have been overhauled multiple times in the last few years. This is why SEO services are often presented in a recurring fashion rather than a onetime service.

Myth 4: SEO and marketing services are very expensive

Truth: Missing sales opportunities and losing customers due to a poorly ranked website is expensive. By contrast, SEO services ensure your entire effort in business is being rewarded with maximized return on your investment. The benefits of SEO work much in the way you would have the oil changed in your car; you want to keep things running smoothly and you prefer to let an expert handle the work under the hood. As a result, your vehicle performs reliably and you keep your mind on more important matters. Moreover, you’re only paying for the services you require and have complete control over how much or little is done on your site.

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