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20 SEO Marketing Tips

20 SEO Marketing Tips

20 SEO Marketing Tips

A lot of times, people want to know what the best SEO marketing tips are. So we decided to put together a post about top-quality writing skills for the best SEO.

20 SEO Marketing Tips

1. Use Keywords in the title

First, and foremost, it is critical to choose your top searched key phrases. Do some research and find out not only what the highest searched phrases are, but which ones are the most relevant to your industry.

2. Use the exact same keywords throughout the text several times.

Some people determine their top key phrase, but when they start writing content, for some reason, those key phrases are not within the text, so make sure you are using the top key phrases.

3. Use Click-Worthy Titles – need to be catchy

seo marketing

Create a title that gets the attention of the reader. Nobody wants to read a boring article. Be creative with your content.

4. Use sub-headers that are catchy.

Sometimes people skim the article as they are looking for a specific answer. So sub-headings work really well.

5. Pick a niche

Know exactly what you are trying to promote within your company, but write various topics. We can help with key phrases, but then we can create different topics with the same keywords.

6. Write Content For Your Audience

content, seo, Marketing Company in Orlando

7. High-quality content

It needs to be high-quality content, but readable for an average consumer. Do not write with complicated words, as most Americans will not understand, will be bored, and leave. They say the best rule of thumb – write for 9th-10th graders, NOT University graduates.
Otherwise, you will miss some clientele.

8. Write as you talk

Make sure the sentences are easy to read; no need for long and complicated sentences.

9. Identify what resonates with your audience

Think about who your target audience is – age, demographics, income, areas. Identify the solution for them.

content, SEO Search Engine Optimization in Orlando

10. Show personality

Show your personality or the company’s “personality”. Blogs need to catch attention if you want the audience to read them.

11. Make your point again and again.

Make sure once the audience reads your blog, they know exactly what you were trying to explain and what was the point of your blog.

12. Specific posts should still tie into the bigger picture.

Make sure to create content that relates to a bigger picture of your company. Do not write about the same topic over and over. Try to explore related topics.

13. Give your audience something to walk away with.

Be engaging with your topics and write something that will be important for the reader to know. Not only it will be useful and important information for them, but they might discuss it at work or with friends and relatives.

14. Use data and research to back up the claims you make in your posts.

Include links if some data was taken from another site – ideally 2-3 links to other sites where the research was done. Use internal and external links, espesially, if those are the sites you used for your research.

15. Use examples to back up why what you’re saying is important.

It is always great to give examples. Not only it proves the point but makes it more interesting to read.

16. When drawing from others’ ideas, cite them.

If you are including someone else’s phrases, make sure to include where you are taking that information

17. Old Content

You can refresh old content while writing new content. A lot of times, many companies have old blogs that might be relevant, but a bit outdated. So use that content, re-write, and update old content with fresh and new information.

SEO marketing, seo, seo tips, re-write content

18. Promote your content

If someone is writing about you, make sure they include your site on their site. If you are part of any associations or organizations, ask them to include them on their pages. Backlinks are extremely valuable.

19. Length of text

As far as the length, ideally, write blogs around 1,000 words to be competitive. Some companies strive for 1,500 words, but it can be challenging to generate so much new content weekly.

20. Use numbers in titles

If possible, use numbers in titles. People like to know that there is a limit. For example, 5 Tips on….It makes people read more, as they know there are only 5 or 7… and they will know the topic vs. just keep on reading.

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